Dino Buskulic

Hey! I'm Dino Buskulic, a freelance software developer living in Hamburg, Germany.

What you can expect of me


The key issue. The agile development process makes it easy to focus on the customers needs.


Development process with state-of-the-art patterns and technologies. Software is engineered and developed, not manufactured.

Stay in touch

We'll stay in touch. I will be available for all future requests, bugfixing and questions even if the project is finished.

Hi, let me introduce myself

I am Dino Buskulic, born in May 1989 in Zadar, Croatia.

I got my bachelor's degree in computer science from the hamburg university of applied science in 2014.
Most of my work is based on Microsoft's .NET framework and C#.
I am also experienced with microsoft servers and relational databases. However, every project is special and I am willing to dig into new languages and technologies if necessary.

When I am not into coding and software related stuff, music is my essential hobby. Either playing alone with my guitar or jamming with same minded people. Also traveling is a big point. I think we all are blessed with this wonderfull life and we should live it like we dreamed it.

My last project

HQ Simplified Business

From 2013 to 2016, I had the opportunity to work with truly talented and beautiful people on this large SaaS project-management software. An awesome piece of software if you need something to manage your projects. No matter if you employ 5 or 500 people. This browser based software will fit your needs.